Bad Effects of Alcohol on Fetus

Doctors advise pregnant women not to consume alcohol during pregnancy. These suggestions have certainly based on some research results, as I wrote earlier. Basically, alcohol can give a bad impact for the development of the fetus when the mother consumed during her pregnancy.

During pregnancy, your baby is growing inside your womb. Food and beverages you consume will be consumed by your baby as well, and of course this can affect your baby. Consuming alcohol can interfere with infant growth, such as causing physical disruption and permanent behavior.

What types of alcoholic beverages which can interfere? All drinks containing alcohol including beer, wine, or other types of liquor could interfere with the baby. A glass of wine, beer and mixed drinks have nearly the same alcohol content.

Even women, who continued to drink after realizing her pregnancy, especially when drinking until drunk, could increase the risk of fetal death. Drinking to excess drinking can cause a variety of disorders, such as: 
  • Impaired neurological development
  • Decrease of verbal IQ
  • Triggering like to break the trend behavior in children impaired learning and decreased academic performance

In addition, the most severe disorder that is triggered by alcohol is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). FAS is a pattern of physical and mental defects which develops in some unborn babies because their mothers drank too much alcohol during pregnancy.

According to the Missouri Department of Mental Health, the following is a list of disorders that can be caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy:
  • The size and weight of body is low
  • Impaired growth
  • Handicapped ribs and sternum
  • Curved spine and hip dislocations
  • Fingers curved legs or hands, webbed or incomplete
  • Limitation of joint motion
  • Small head size
  • Facial abnormalities
  • The appearance of the skin membrane between the eyes and the bridge of the nose
  • Eyelids down
  • Myopic eyes
  • Eye trouble moving the same direction
  • Nose slightly increased
  • Nasal bone concave
  • There is no groove between the nose and upper lip
  • The upper lip thin
  • The opening in the palate
  • Small jaw
  • The ear is not normal
  • Abnormalities in organs
  • Heart Defect
  • Handicapped genitals
  • Kidney and urinary tract defects
  • Defects of the central nervous system
  • Small Brain
  • The composition of brain cells, and connective tissue that is not perfect
  • Mental backwardness
  • Impaired learning
  • Low concentration level
  • Hyperactivity in childhood
  • Coordination of the body, hands and fingers are bad (IK/OL-08)

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Sebeth said...

Very very terrible effects of alcohol. Every woman who pregnant should be afraid of drinking alcohol.

Ultimate Blogger said...

Great tips to find over here. Are you a doctor?
Thanks for letting us know about the bad effect of alcohol on fetus.

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